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NDI Prayer for NEF


NDI Prayer for NEF

United in Prayer: Northern Europe Field Embarks on a March of Spiritual Solidarity

As the Northern Europe Field (NEF) of the Church of the Nazarene enters into the pivotal month of March, marked by the District Assembly, a collective call to prayer resonates across the region.

Spanning from the British Isles North District to the British Isles South District, the German District, the Netherlands District, and extending its spiritual outreach to Ireland, Luxembourg, and Belgium, the NEF stands as a testament to the vibrant tapestry of faith and fellowship.

In anticipation of the gatherings on each respective district, Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) has initiated a clarion call to fortify the bonds that unify the Nazarene churches within the NEF through concerted prayer.

To facilitate this shared spiritual journey, a Prayer Diary has been thoughtfully prepared to guide us from the commencement of the week through to the close of March. This diary is a collection of prayer requests lovingly compiled by the District Superintendents and the Field Strategy Coordinator, each entry a reflection of the collective heart and needs of our field.

The commitment to intercession is an open invitation to all within our congregations. You are encouraged to print this Prayer Diary, distribute it amongst your church members, and utilize its message to inspire your community on social media platforms.

To view the map of our churches, please follow the Google Maps Link.


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