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Issue 48 - Winter - January 2024



The latest issue of "Together," the Church of the Nazarene UK's publication, features inspiring stories and updates. Key highlights include a focus on the importance of personal testimony in Christian life, emphasizing the role of testimony as a fundamental aspect of faith, a spiritual weapon, and a hallmark of the Spirit-filled life. The publication also celebrates recent inductions of church leaders across various locations, showcasing their diverse backgrounds and contributions to the church community. These stories reflect the dynamic and spiritually enriching activities within the Church of the Nazarene in the UK.


Issue 47 - Autumn 2023



In this edition of 'Together,' we celebrate the unity and diversity of the Church of the Nazarene. In this issue, we revisit the momentous 30th General Assembly and Conventions, a global gathering that stood as a testament to our collective faith and resilience after being postponed due to the pandemic. Delegates from around the world convened in Indianapolis to engage in worship, decision-making, and fellowship under the theme "Jesus the Hope."

We pay homage to the late Rev Joseph (Joe) John Bentham, whose life's journey from adversity to a beacon of faith inspires us all. His story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of belief and service.

Discover the transformative renovation of the Clapham Junction Church, a project marked by community perseverance and divine providence, and explore the educational advancements at Nazarene Theological College, which continues to equip future leaders for impactful ministry.

Click on the image to delve into these inspiring stories and join us in celebrating our faith's journey 'Together'.


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